Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An apple?

    Yes an apple. I have a lot of paintings with apples. Let me explain, (of course your going to let me explain, your still reading this, aren't you?) starting with the non-artsy reason, I always have apples around the house, and they are super easy to paint. You know, cause they are roundish and stuff.
    Now let me get into the artsy reason for this apple in particular. Again I just happened to have an apple and a tiny metal Wolverine figure. I tried the composition with just the figure and it was boring. I also wanted to show the size of the figure. Thats when it hit me, an apple! (not literally) (hehehe) When I put the two together it was like magic. I loved everything about it. The figures colors are very complementary to the apple, making my eyes sing. The organic-ness of the apple vs the cool shiny metal is a juxtaposition of the elements. The very large and general apple vs the tiny details of the metal figure gives the composition interesting textures. Ok thats enough I'm boring myself.
    All this said I'm sure someone is going to come up with some weird phycological reason for the apple. They always do. It seems to me that when a viewer reads strange stuff in to a painting, they are usually seeing something in themselves and not the artist. Like a mirror. (and not just from the shiny glass)

Colored pencil on paper 

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