Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Introducing my cat, Pinto!

Hey everyone! I just finished this painting... My brain hurts... This is the fastest turn around from drawing to painting I have ever done, less then two days! I used all my colors on this one, as you can see. For the last year I haven't really liked working in watercolor but this painting has got me loving it again. I went for a very direct approach, bright concentrated colors instead of thin washes. It was very fast and a heck of a lot of fun!

Watercolor on paper 


  1. You're watercolors are amazing. I especially love this kitty and how you brought her to life. And thanks so much for following my blog!!

  2. Hi Audrey. I noticed your work about 2 years ago. I was blown away by your rich and wild use of colors. And you are doing it again!!!! I am thrilled! Pinto's portrait is gorgeous!

  3. Es un fantástico retrato. Tiene una mirada realmente viva y casi lo noto husmear, con la curiosidad propia de los gatos. En otras palabras, además de ser un brillante trabajo tiene una gran personalidad.